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There is a wealth of international experience within the Association's membership covering every facet of international trade. In addition to import and export firms, the WTA includes representatives from insurance companies, banks, shippers, steamship and air transportation companies, inland carriers, freight forwarders/custom house brokers, port authorities, and other government agencies.

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721 Logistics                                         

Advance Customs Brokers & Consulting          

CMS Transportation                   

Delaware River Stevedores        

Dependable Distribution Services          

Eagle Systems Inc.  

Eastern Truck Lift             

East Coast CES                                

Geodis USA                                             

H & M International Transportation, Inc.       

Holt Logistics Corporation                                           

Maritime Academy Charter School                          

Mr. Shrinkwrap                                                      

NavPac Advisors, LLC 

Odyssey Intermodal

PA Office of International Business


Port Contractors Management

Port of Wilmington Delaware & Diamond State Port

Pilots’ Association for the Bay and River Delaware

TEVA Pharmaceuticals 

Urban Engineers                                                                

Western Fumigation